My name is Vincent, I was born in France 46 years ago.

In 1998, feeling a great emptiness in my life, I decided to leave everything behind and go traveling in India. I would spend the next 20 years of my life there, walking on the Path to self-discovery and liberation.

I first discovered Yoga in 2000, when I took a course in Ashtanga Yoga in Dharamsala. After 3 weeks of intense practice I felt that this was what I had been looking for since a very long time. From that moment on, asana practice became a part of my daily routine.

In 2001 I met Swami Atmatattwananda Saraswati from the “Bihar school of yoga”, in Pushkar. After having spent more than 25 years in an ashram, he was teaching a very traditional form of Hatha Yoga. I spent the next 4 months taking daily classes with him.

In 2002-2003 I discovered and learnt Iyengar yoga with Rudra Dev Yogacharya (in Rishikesh), who is a direct disciple of Iyengar. I spent the next 4 years in Rishikesh diving deeper and deeper into the yogic life style.

Around that time I also met Ansgar Shoeberl, a German who was living and teaching Yoga in India since many years. He is currently based in Switzerland. He inspired me with his amazing knowledge of the body, and his way to align and open it. His teaching is greatly influenced by Iyengar. He showed me how to become independent in my practice, how to fly on my own. Between 2002 and 2007 I met him regularly at different places in India for private courses.

Thanks to asana practice my mind slowly started to change, a new awareness emerged. My whole spiritual path slowly unfolded in front of me. I became vegetarian, firstly to purify my body. Then I discovered how it also changed my mind and opened my heart. Having lived many years in India, I started to treat myself with Ayurveda. Through Ayurveda I Understood in a deeper way the constitution of the body and the connection between body and mind.

After having learned how to purify my body, I felt the inner need to do the same with my mind. So in 2005 I took my first 10 days-course of Vipassana meditation, as it is taught by the Indian teacher S.N.Goenka. This technique is the discovery of Gautama the Buddha after his enlightenment. Vipassana means “to see the reality as it is”. By practicing vipassana, one starts to understand how to purify the mind, and how to get rid of all negativity. This experience made me see myself in a totally new light. I regularly visited different vipassana centers in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Europe to sit and to serve for 10 day-courses.

Till this day this is how I’m living: meditating, practicing asana & pranayama, contemplating, seeking. There is nothing that I teach, that I did not experience for myself. I am not interested in teaching the path of others. But of course the life and teaching of different saints and sages have inspired me greatly, and for that I feel deep gratitude.

I am teaching, but I'll always feel like a student. There is still so much for me learn and experience. This is what makes me smile in the morning when I wake up, what gives a meaning to my day, to my life. This is the path I want to share: how to get closer from the Truth; to discover the reality of Who We really Are.