After many years of sadhana (spiritual practice) I have developed a practice and teaching of my own, inspired by Iyengar and Ashtanga styles of Yoga. 
My classes are person-oriented, and I adapt my teaching to suit the capabilities and aptitudes of every individual.


From the time we are born we learn to look only in one direction: outside ourselves. We see things, and soon we are taught to put a name on each one of these things. Then we identify with those things, and we think: this is the world. Most people live their entire lives without ever discovering that this is not the only way. And this is understandable actually, because nobody ever taught us that there is another way of looking: inside ourselves.

The 8 limbs of yoga

In the west, people mostly see yoga as a physical practice: by stretching the muscles we are making the body healthy. People tend to mistake yoga for asana, which is only the third limb of yoga. Yoga is actually an art of living, a very accurate method in which one uses meditation, moral asceticism and bodily excercises to achieve unification of the human being in his physical, mental and spiritual aspects.