What is yoga?

"Yoga teaches us to cure what we don't have to bear, and bear what can not be cured." B.K.S Iyengar


The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yug meaning to bind, to join, to direct, to concentrate, to use and to practice. It also means union or communion.

Yoga originated in India where its origins are traced back to time immemorial. A true art of living for Mankind, it was taught until recently only in a Master-disciple relationship.

There are so many definitions of yoga. Here's one that I find suitable: To experience the unity between body, mind and spirit, where these three types of experience form an integral part of the human evolution.

Through regular practice of the different techniques: postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation, we rapidly start reaping the benefits. But yoga is not limited only to practice, it envelops the whole of existence and gradually we are led to transform our lives into a Sadhana and live yoga every day. We practice in order to experience a certain state of mind, or level of consciousness. The goal is to be as conscious in our everyday life.

The purpose of yoga is to reach a permanent state of peace in which the true nature of our being can be expressed first internally and next externally, in our actions, our human interactions and our relationship with the environment.